Artgraris is a creative industry that focuses on graphic design, Illustrations and logos with unique characteristics. Artgraris is located at KH.Moliki no. 02, Pengkol, Jepara – Central Java – Indonesia. Artgraris is a creative division of Rumah Kartini, an association with diverse abilities but focuses on the fields of art, culture and history related to R.A Kartini and the regency of Jepara. Until now, Rumah Kartini still exists as the leading organ in terms of collecting and researching the historical data of Kartini and of Jepara. In addition, the association is also a place for arts. In its development, a creative industry based on fine arts, especially design, was created with the name Artgraris.

The name “Artgraris” itself is derived from the combination of ART and AGRARIAN as agriculture has become Indonesia’s current identity. In other words, Artgraris is a place to plant artistic creativity with fresh ideas from the creative people in Rumah Kartini Japara. Artgraris is managed by competent designers and illustrators like some well-known names as Krisna Okky, Apeep Qimo etc., so you don’t have to worry about collaborating and discussing crazy ideas with us.

ArtGraris graphic design and illusrations Studio, Archive history from Rumah Kartini Japara

ArtGraris is a graphic design & illustration studio that focuses on the character art industry. We work as a solid team for the needs of several brands, and various independent and corporate clients in several countries of the world. You’ve come to the right place at ArtGraris, It all starts with ideas, characteristics and emails. In addition to providing unique stock illustration designs that you can download for elemental needs or commercial projects, ArtGraris also provides services for custom artwork for logos, merchandise, special packaging for your company.


Information is one of the front keys to enter today’s globalized world. A good information is one that can be conveyed effectively and efficiently.
An attractive design is needed so that readers and consumers are interested in looking further for more information.

It is true that content is king, but without the presence of an attractive design, someone will find it difficult or is too lazy to find out more
about your brand or company. For this reason, Artgraris offers a wide range of conveniences and collaborations regarding your ideas.


In this era of information that is dominated by visuals, we need an illustration that is both attractive and pleasing to the eye. Information in
writing alone without any illustration is monotonous and boring. Even the message to be conveyed can be misinterpreted.

Written information is not enough. It is necessary to have a decorative illustration to make the message more attractive and easy to convey.

Artgraris has reliable illustrators who can create pictures and designs that can make your work more memorable. We are also capable of creating
vectors in both realistic and imaginative styles that will blow your mind. We really pay attention to the colour selection and the balance of an
illustrated work. You don’t need to worry, we have national and international level illustrators.


In a developing world that increasingly relies on visuals, the need for a logo is becoming increasingly urgent as the hallmark of an organization or a company because a logo is a character that describes the entirety of a company or an organization. At the same time, a logo can be a tool for promotion.

In other words, creating a logo for a company or an organization is very important. It must conform to the philosophical basis of the company and the
organization. But you don’t have to worry, just trust your logo to us.

Artgraris’ illustrators are experienced in creating logos. Not only we can create logos that represent your companies or organizations, but also
attractive as we pay attention to the aesthetic value of a work.


Please give us our ideas about what will be applied to your company or merchandise, provide a summary / reference of what concepts you like. we will
be open to any idea to help you.


Complete briefs and references will simplify our process to create a sketch which we will discuss with you before starting the next creative process.


After the idea, we have studied the Brief, we will provide a sketch before it is applied to the digital process. with software that we are good at,
based on vector and bitmap. and make it easier for the output you want.


Mastery of material for the company and your desires will be made maximally to discuss the meaning and philosophy of your company’s dreams in the
future, with detailed applications to make it easier for clients with a brand guide.