ArtGraris is a graphic design & illustration studio that focuses on the character art industry. We work as a solid team for the needs of several brands, and various independent and corporate clients in several countries of the world. You’ve come to the right place at ArtGraris, It all starts with ideas, characteristics and emails. In addition to providing unique stock illustration designs that you can download for elemental needs or commercial projects, ArtGraris also provides services for custom artwork for logos, merchandise, special packaging for your company.

Items are sent as digital downloads via email immediately after purchase. If you are doing not receive our email within quarter-hour of purchase, please first check your spam folder then contact, we’ll endeavor to reply to you as a priority. Your previous purchase history also will be available in your user area and permit repeated downloads where appropriate.

We offer a full 30 day 100% a refund guarantee from the date of purchase for all unredeemed products and coupons. If you’ve got a drag with a purchased product or service, or if you’re not completely satisfied, please contact

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It is strongly discouraged to use ArtGraris artwork to make a corporation logo. you’ll not have exclusive ownership, and you’ll not trademark the brand . remember that a lot of people may use an equivalent artwork for his or her logos. If you would like a custom logo design, ArtGraris offers that service.


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Some of our Services for clients
Graphic Design & Illustration : Includes Logo, Label, Packaging, Merchandise etc.

System custom artwork:
1. Please send details of the concept you want along with clear information, please send some references that you want, and whether you want the background, size and for what purposes.
You can also choose the format you want: Vector ( AI, EPS, Corel, SVG, PDF) , Bitmap ( PSD, PNG, Etc).

2. we will discuss what kind of concept and design you want, we will send you a quote about the time and price for your art work,
After everything is clear, we will send an invoice, after the payment is received we will start an illustration or typhography sketch which you can revise 2 times at the beginning, before we do the next work.

in this process is perfecting and tidying up the approved sketch and detailing the lines on a neat and high-resolution artwork, when this part is finished I will send it to you first before we continue the next process.

we will choose a color that we think is suitable for your work, but if you have already determined a color palette it will make it easier for us,
Once you are satisfied with the artwork you want.
“Such a sudden significant change to change the main line and shape will take extra time and money!”

5. Rate & Time Rates starting from 125-700 USD. + Time : 5-10 days. (depending on how detailed the design you want). 

Helpful Tips for the best Custom Art!

Commission Art Tips
If you want real people to be interested in our style, please provide as many pictures as you want me to draw. Existing character art must also be accompanied by a reference photo.

How to Pay: after knowing the concept and how long we work on it we will send you an invoice and detailed information that you pay 100% up front before we work on it.

Contact & Payment Details

Contact the Artist
While I have done some commissions , I work primarily through email. You can typically expect 24 hours between email responses except for weekends when I rarely access my email account.

Payment for your Custom Artwork
I use Paypal as my default form of payment.
Using paypal is typically instant, unless paypal requires time to clear your payment.
Please contact me if you need more help finding the most convenient way to process payment.